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What are the procedures of a polygraph test in the Vaal Triangle ?

A polygraph test is not as simple as connecting wires and finding results. It is quite an intricate operation that can only be performed by highly qualified specialists as there are thousands of little signs and evidence that could be lost or misinterpreted if performed by an unqualified person.

Gone are the days of the 1800’s where breathing increases were monitored by the eye. Today’s technological advances in polygraph testing is done by computerized systems and instrumentation.

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The Process

  • Step 1: Pre-testing phase: Gathering of information. Discussing/practising questions that will be asked during the actual test to make sure that the examinee fully understand. Completion of consent documentation.
  • Step 2: Testing phase: The actual test is conducted.
  • Step 3: Processing of test data and compiling of the report.
  • Step 4: The test result and report is then made known to the client.

Can one be compelled to undergo a polygraph test?

It is against the Constitution of South Africa to compel a person to undergo a polygraph examination, unless she or he consents to it. The consent must be in writing. The individual should be informed that:

  • the examination are voluntary;
  • only questions discussed prior to the examination will be used;
  • should he/she prefer, another person may be present during the examination, provided that person does not interfere in any way with the proceedings;
  • no abuse in whatever way will be allowed;
  • no discrimination will be allowed;
  • no threats will be allowed.


Generally, employers are permitted to use the polygraph to investigate specific incidents where:

  • employees had access to the property which is the subject of the investigation;
  • there is a reasonable suspicion that the employee was involved in the incident;
  • there has been economic loss or injury to the employer’s business like theft of company property;
  • the employer is combating dishonesty in positions of trust;
  • the employer is combating serious alcohol, illegal drugs or narcotics abuse and fraudulent behaviour within the company;
  • the employer is combating deliberate falsification of documents and lies regarding true identity of the people involved.
  • when there is a suspicion of infidelity or dishonesty in the relationship.

Polygraph Testing 90
Digital Voice Stress Testing 80
Pre-employment Testing 70
Evidence in supporting a case 60
Court and CCMA testimony 50
Periodic / Preventative Testing 90
Issue-specific Testing 80
Taking down Statements 70
Referral to invastigators 50
Taking down Statements 50

Truth Verification is a polygraph test specialist in the Vaal Triangle who due to our high standards, make use of the highest quality testers and polygraph testing procedures for positive convictions. Phone us today at 073 954 3034 or enquire online for our expertise in the field.

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